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Day Three!

I love this.

My hope is that you love this just as much.  Who doesn’t love a giveaway?! 🙂

Yesterday’s prize was two-fold and, if you’re just joining us, we had two mini sessions to gift.  Our mini sessions are up to 1 hour in length with 1 look at 1 location and include at least 12 edited images with rights to print.  Because I just *knew* that I would be terrible at picking, Alison did the random number generator for me.  And our two winners are Mimi Disfraz and Sarah Sugg!  (Did you just dance in your chair a bit?  I sure hope so.)  So, ladies, shoot us an email here: talktous@amarishames.com – we’ll get you started!

Traffic these past couple of days has been absolutely crazy pants and I am straight loving what this is turning into.  Y’all are the BEST. 🙂  Thank you for sharing and loving and believing.  It’s amazing!

At the moment, Alison is reviewing the copy for Sunday’s blog post and it is a straight doozy.  It is my favorite of this whole thing and I always save favorites for last – it’s why we’re holding on to it until my birthday!  I really hope you’ll be around for that one.

For today, we have a minor change.  After a couple of conversations, we learned that it was possible we weren’t seeing all of the shares.  We don’t know if that’s true or not, cross your fingers!  But, to make sure it’s an even playing field, *please comment below after you have shared*.  That way, you’re all in fairly!  Thank you for the patience as we try to make this as fun as possible.

Today’s giveaway is for any of you that really love photography.  If you have a camera you wish you knew how to work better, or want to take better images, or would like to ask a professional photographer 149.6 questions – this is your day!  In 2014, our available products will include teaching hours and I am SO excited to give away THREE 1-hour teaching sessions.  These are in-person only and normally priced at $65/hour.  I’m happy to do this for anyone in a location I will be traveling to this year – and with Raleigh, DC, Charlotte, Nashville, NYC, Prague, Budapest and London on the agenda, we could do this almost wherever!  For each of the 3 winners, we will include a year subscription to one of my three favorite photography magazines for new photographers.  It’s winner’s choice!

Fine print, as promised:
*To be entered for the day, simply share the post!  On Instagram and Twitter, be sure to link back to our accounts.  If on Facebook, use the “Share” button.  We’d love to save you a *lot* of notifications.
*Then, comment below!
*You’ll have until 11:59pm EST  today to enter.  On tomorrow’s blog, we’ll announce the today’s winner!  We’ll be using a random number generator to pick a winner (because I would want to pick all of you).
*If you win, get in touch with us here: talktous@amarishames.com

So, what does one post on a giveaway like today?
Pictures of me & my team at work, duh.
I hope this lets you see that we like to keep it *fun*.  Share away, friends!

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