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An incredible Christmas miracle.

The (new & improved!) Bell Family.

The (new & improved!) Bell Family.

Miracles happen.  It’s true.

Like, how I spent half of 2013 in 16 other states and 3 other countries, racking up nearly 30,000 miles on my car and yet there are families that stay in touch through a variety of ways.   They ask me to do really really fun things when I do find my two feet on Carolina soil.  The Bell’s are one of those families.  Their first two kids, Noah & Hannah, graced my camera nearly four years ago.  This whole team is fantastic.  When Mom, Kathy, reached out and asked me to capture their newest addition, I was so excited.

Because miracles happen.  And through a lot of petition and prayer and provision, they are officially a family of five!  The rambunctious Josiah Cole joined their ranks in the eyes of the state just this week.  Read (and see!) more about the new & improved Bell Family by visiting Kathy’s blog here:

Adoption has been something I believe in for years.  I am always happy to capture new additions, whether through biological or adoptive birth.  There’s something about spending time with families as they come closer to completion.
Maybe it’s the miracles.

May you go slow enough in this season to notice them.
In Love,

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