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An artist I greatly respect, Jeremy Cowart, regularly works with a singer you might know – Imogen Heap.  If you haven’t heard Imogen’s work, you should go make that happen first.  She’s brilliant.

A lot of the commentary I’ve heard from those that help on Jeremy’s shoots with Imogen are beautiful.  One assistant went so far as to say that observing these two at work was a privilege.  The process seems so easy, he said.
And this is exactly how it felt to work with Aaron.

When he asked me to take some images for him, we had known each other all of three days.  It seemed casual and I decided that if he was really interested, he would bring it up again.  And he did!  Normally, my full shoots are about an hour and a half long.  Usually, it takes the client about thirty minutes to get comfortable  – this is so normal!  It’s part of the reason I act as ridiculous as possible.  We have to loosen you up and laughter is the best way to do that, I’ve found.  (The other part of the reason is that I am simply ridiculous.  Let’s not kid anyone. 🙂 )

He took only about ten minutes and that typical time slot easily stretched into three hours.  The session was easy, as if I was hanging out with a longtime friend. He was willing to do just about anything I asked. Don’t worry, he laughed at my ridiculousness, too.  (Doesn’t everybody??)

The result of such an immediately easy collaboration are images I am quite proud of.  I will, forever and always, encourage folks to work with artists they fit with.  Stand in front of the lens of someone who allows you to be comfortable in your own skin.  Appreciate and accept them for who they are, trust what they will produce for you, and enjoy the company.  When you spend time with someone who makes you comfortable, and they relax around you, the imagery reaches a whole new level.

HUGE thanks to Provision Co. of Charleston for letting us use their space! xoxo

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