Our last giveaway!

For now. 🙂

At the beginning of this year, we decided to give things away for my birthday.  Hi, I’m Amaris – the lead photographer here – and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a birthday than giving gifts to all sorts of other folks!  And I was right.  It was one of the best things EVER.

On our fifth day of giveaways, we decided to go all out.  Five winners would each receive a one-hour session here in RDU on February 22nd – yes, next Saturday!  The sessions would include a dozen edited images for each recipient as well as our complete adoration and gratitude.  All we asked was for each of you to tell us who you loved.  And you all did *not* disappoint!  Two of our winners aren’t even old enough to drive a car, but the love for them shared by their mothers completely won us over.
Meet one of them.  Her name is Chloe.


Chloe is the beaming blonde holding her baby sister!

Her Momma writes:
Love. Such a simple word but a word that conveys so much emotion. The word almost doesn’t do the feeling justice. I love my daughter, Chloe, with all of my heart. She inspires me, entertains me, and encourages me. Since the time she entered my life, over 11 years ago, my life took on a new purpose and I’m so proud of the lovely young lady she has become.

Chloe hasn’t been without her own set of challenges, however. The only life Chloe has memory of is a life lived at literally two separate houses, with two separate families, and essentially two separate lives. She has had to endure the loss of a beloved grandmother and come to terms with two devastating and life-changing divorces between two different sets of important people in her life within the last two years. She has been on the receiving end of bullying and mistreatment by other children so severe that we were recently forced to switch her to a completely different school (where she is adjusting wonderfully, I might add). Somehow despite all of these things, Chloe remains full of life, love, and hope. She is really the most well adjusted kid I’ve ever known and as much as I’d like to take the credit I really can’t — it’s all her!

I would love to make her feel special and beautiful because she gives so much love and joy to others and is so deserving!

We are SO excited to spend time with Chloe making beautiful photos and encouraging her during a rough season.  Portraits really give worth.

The other four winners should have received an email from us with our congratulations and we will be highlighting each of them the week after our sessions!
As we celebrate love at a beautiful wedding this weekend, I hope that you do the same.  The concept of today may be a bit flawed, or a lot flawed, but the root idea is amazing to me.  Be kind and show love – even if someone doesn’t deserve it.  Maybe especially so then.
Words give worth, too.

xoxo times a gajillion,

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