It’s day 4!

Happy Saturday, y’all!

Being able to stay at my Momma’s through my birthday has been super great (and I don’t just say that because there are cinnamon rolls baking in the next room) (ok, maybe a little bit).  Add it to these five days of giveaways and so far, 2014 is off to a pretty great start. 🙂

Yesterday, for day 3, we gave away 3 one hour teaching sessions for folks who wanted to learn more about photography or take their camera on a date or just ask me a thousand questions.  Included in this is a one year subscription to one of my favorite photography magazines – winner’s choice!  Though I failed to mention (womp wompppp), winners can redeem these hours anytime in 2014.  And three one hour sessions mean three winners – eep!  So, drum roll on the table – Amy Crouch, Lora Schuldt and Lauren McKay – congrats!! Simply email us to get on the schedule:


If you haven’t figured out yet, the number of presents matches the date of the giveaway.  Since today is the 4th, yep, we’ve got four things to giveaway today.  Have you thought about purchasing a session with us this year?  Are you having a baby and want a newborn lifestyle session?  Does your family want photos in the early fall for Christmas cards?  Does your kindergartner want a spring photo?  Well, we are letting four full sessions go at half off our 2013 prices!  Read: Four full sessions at $165 each to be redeemed anytime during 2014, provided the date is available.  As always, our full sessions will include at least 36 edited images with rights to print for personal use and will be hosted in your own online gallery.  *Sessions are limited to within 300 miles of Raleigh, NC unless you are willing to pay for travel.  We will always travel!* For gallery examples, simply click here to see how ours work!


The fine print, as promised:
*To be entered for the day, simply share the post!  On Instagram and Twitter, be sure to link back to our accounts.  If on Facebook, use the “Share” button.  We’d love to save you a *lot* of notifications.
*Then, comment below!  *You gotta comment or we don’t know who you are*
*You’ll have until 11:59pm EST  today to enter.  On tomorrow’s blog, we’ll announce today’s winner!  We’ll be using a random number generator to pick a winner (because I would want to pick all of you).
*If you win, get in touch with us here:


Tomorrow’s giveaway is a doozie and will be all wrapped up in love.  Because it’s my birthday.  And at the end of every day, I hope that Love remains my top priority. 🙂

Get to sharing!  And then, tell us about it!

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45 thoughts on “It’s day 4!

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  2. Ashlea says:

    Shared on Twitter and IG too!

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    Nice to win!

  5. Emily Childress says:

    Awesome Giveaway!

  6. Traci Veenstra says:

    Shared !

  7. Jessica Thompson says:

    This is great, Amaris – what a fun, sweet way to start the year! I can always just hear you when I read your posts. You’re so expressive, and you crack me up! xo

  8. Consuela Wood says:


  9. Holly Alvarado says:

    Shared! Pick me! Pick me!

  10. Kim Serozi says:

    You capturing pics of my kids would be AMAZING!

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    And on Twitter 🙂

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    Tweeted! And happy birthday!

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    Facebooked for posterity’s sake!

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    Fb shared…c’mon random numbers, do the statistician a favor this time!

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    You are awesome. That is all.

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    Facebook all the way!! xo

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    Awesome photos! Shared on fb!

  34. Amanda dillman says:

    Woo!! Awesome opportunity! Love your work!

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