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We have cancelled Professional Headshot Night.

It’s true.
Due to a mix of things, we’ve had to put Headshot Night on the back burner to another yet-to-be-determined time.  As someone who values people and their efforts and loves a great cause, I hate to do this.
However, if something won’t be profitable for all parties involved, then we just won’t do it.  Corral is a great organization and we love them and their mission.  It saddens me to not be able to help their current campaign.
But, in the words of a friend who is a Vice President of a local company, “Sometimes, even great ideas take time to catch on.”  We get that an event like Headshot Night is unique and new to an area like Raleigh.  Novel things sometimes don’t click for everyone and we must adapt accordingly.
Sitti Restaurant remains so supportive and gracious.  They are full of solid people who take care of others really well.  It is for this reason that we partnered with them and we are grateful for their kindness.  If you haven’t visited them yet, you should make that happen!
To all who have purchased a ticket, please get in touch (you’re welcome to just hit “Reply All” to this email) and we’d love to make sure you’re taken care of regarding portraiture.  For the price already paid, we are happy to schedule a mini-session with you – a value of $180.  You’ll receive at least a dozen images, rather than just two, and our eternal gratitude.
If you were thinking of paying at the door, we’re happy to extend the same arrangement to you.  Simply get in touch with us!
To all of you, thank you very much for believing in crazy ideas and in small business.  Thank you for sharing with your people and for your support.  It means everything.
Tons of Love,

Good to see you, America.

A few thousand images are currently finding their way to my non-mobile backup & I am sitting here in the new studio space on my fifth official day.  There are two other meetings going on, I had a salted caramel mocha this morning from our in-house coffee shop and a new Mucha calendar officially graces the wall.

It is so nice to be back in America.

If you follow us on social media, you’ve seen some of the amazing folks I got to spend time with while abroad.   Asti, Italy is gorgeous.   Prague was, too.  Vegas isn’t my cup of tea, but I am so so glad I got to be present for my baby brother’s wedding day!  I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunities I had while on the go.  And breakfast with my family is never a boring time.  We laughed so hard.

The past five weeks of wandering have been good.  Really hard, too, on quite a lot of levels.  But, as I told Alison earlier today, take mistakes and be better for them.
I’ll let the pictures in the gallery below tell the rest of the story.

Now home, there are a lot of absolutely wonderful things on deck for the next month!  Two beautiful & really close friends are marrying their loves and we have been invited to capture both weddings – which I cannot even tell you how excited I am.  Engagements in the mountains of Virginia (yeah, Juliette & Dave!), quite a few families to spend time with, and two big events.  The first is a Professional Headshot Night at Sitti in downtown Raleigh.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit one of my favorite non-profits on this whole big earth, CORRAL, and who doesn’t love a beer on someone else’s tab?  (Hint: That’s my tab.  Just for the record.)

We wrap up all that is beautiful in October with a visit from one of my favorite people and my very first gallery show!  Approximately 25 of my images will grace the walls of City Gallery in downtown Raleigh and I would really love to see you.  Plus, you’d get to meet the favorite in town. 😉
Come visit.

In Light & Laughter,

A few favorites from the wandering:

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